PHY: 5
SPD: 6
STR: 4

AGI: 5
PRW: 4
POI: 5

INT: 4
PER: 4

DEF: 14
ARM: 12
INIT: 16
XP: 7


Ranged: Hand Cannon (Silverlight) – RAT: 8 – POW: 13
15 Extra Heavy Rounds
Dual Hand Cannon (Blacklight) – RAT: 8 – POW: 13 [discharge both for -2 to attack but
+3 to POW]

Melee: Nyx’s Walking Stick – MAT: 6 – POW&STR: 5 (7 if drawn)

Military Skills:
-] Hand Weapon: 1
-] Pistol: 2

Occupational Skills:
– ] Command: 2
– ] Medicine: 2
– ] Navigation: 1
– ] Detection: 1
– ] Intimidation: 1
– ] Sneak: 1
– ] Craft (Gunsmithing) 1
5 Gold Crowns


Tailored Armour: (-1 DEF, +7 ARM)

Surgical Kit: (+1 Medicine)

Ammo Bandolier: (Draw bullet and load with same swift.)

Gunsmithing Kit:

Gun Brace:


Give ’Em Hell: Nyx’s advice might be simple, but it seems effective. +1 passive bonus to attack & damage to herself and any ally within her command range.

This Ain’t Naptime!: Nyx can’t believe you’re lying around like that, stand up, you’re embarrassing her. Nyx spends a featpoint and commands every ally in her command range that has been ‘knocked down’ to stand up or go prone as an immediate action.

Don’t Make Me Yell Even Louder!: Nyx is strangely talented at making her orders heard at a distance, even through a gasmask. Nyx gains a passive +2 to her command range.

Your Need’s Greater Than Mine, Pal: Nyx is generous, in a way! Nyx can grant her gained Feat Points to an ally within her command range.

Shoot to Thrill, Boys ’n Girls!: Nyx doesn’t give a damn about firing into melee, and she doesn’t expect you to, either! Nyx negates the penalties for firing or casting spells into melee for herself and allies within her command range, and removes the chance to strike an ally with a missed attack when engaged.

Bullseye, Friend.: When she hits an enemy, Nyx is able to target whatever part of an enemy’s vitality wheel that she chooses.

You Shouldn’t Have Danced This Dance!: Nyx can, once per round, return fire with a ranged attack against an enemy who missed her with a ranged attack.

Up Close & Deadly: Nyx takes no penalties for using her pistol while engaged.

Chamber Up.: Nyx gets a free swift every round specifically to reload a firearm.

Too Slow.: Nyx gains a +2 to initiative, and gains a free swift during her first turn in an encounter to draw a firearm.


Alchemist Nyx, once known a long time ago as “Sky-Captain Nylandra Xaye”, is a rather troubled woman. Once being the notorious leader of a band of aerial mercenaries, Nyx worked for the highest bidder, refusing to allow emotion or politics to get in the way of her ‘career’. Building up a small fleet, Nyx’s ‘Aether Consortium’ was rather well-off, and the profits were good, but rivals can get awfully jealous of success. A rival company paid off a number of pirates, long-time enemies of Nyx, to raid her fleet while they were performing a standard escort of goods between Erlund and Bornholdt. Nyx’s small fleet was devastated, and her vessel known as the ‘Sundered Sky’ lived true to its name, crashing in a flaming wreckage far below. Nyx suffered incredibly devastating burns to a majority of her body, being disfigured beyond recognition, barely able to survive the flames. A few of her men survived, but they went on their own ways, Nyx relegated to a painful existence dulled only by her alchemical solutions and painkillers. The woman wears a full-body suit to cover the bandages that encompass the majority of her body, and a gasmask hides her deformation from those she calls her allies, preferring to be faceless than to possess one so hideous.

Now, Nyx is rather well-mannered, but in her heart the fire still burns for vengeance. Part of the reason she joined Kaspar’s crew was with the intent of gaining information on who paid for the untimely end to her career, and immolate every fool responsible, her cinder grenades thirsting for their flesh. She’s always been a talented tactician and an excelling alchemist, and putting these two skills together seems like it can only be beneficial for Kaspar and his team. Nyx is also searching for fabled alchemical waters known as the ‘Vitae’, a solution claimed to restore the human body beyond any injury, the woman desperate to reclaim her lost visage and beauty. Despite the vengeance that burns within, Nyx is a rather friendly and affable sort; whether this is due to being nearly permanently numbed by her concoctions, or perhaps a more ‘spiritual’ connection, it is hard to say. When asked, Nyx seems to hold belief in some higher power that guides her hand, a spirit as vengeful and yet kind as she strives to be. The woman is somewhere in her early 30’s, though it’s rather difficult to tell, and follows a simple tenet:

“People get what they damn well deserve, no second chances. The wicked burn, and the good prosper, and I’ll give it to ’em myself.”


Black Sheep AlyCal