A windborn youth who lost his fleet.


Phy: 6
Spd: 6
Str: 5
Agl: 4
Prw: 5
Poi: 4
Int: 3
Per: 3

Weapon: Horizon Mat 7 P+S 9 (Weapon Master)
Def:12 Arm: 14

Military Skills
-Hand weapon 2
-Shield 1
-Pistol 1
-Great weapon 1


“4000 gold crowns, that’s how much money i need to buy the sky”~Cielo of the Blacksheeps

When he first joined the Blacksheeps, Cielo made it clear that he was in it for the money. He was a small time criminal, doing robberies and theft in Northminster before Kaspar discovered him. Now, he is the Muscle of the group, the one most likely sent for doing the dirty work. Killing, Intimidation, Breaking into houses, anything that does not require subtletly, Cielo is the man for the job.

While not too open about his past, Cielo is nevertheless fiercely loyal to the Blacksheep and would put himself in harms way to protect the other members.


Black Sheep Godfang