Black Sheep

II: Workshop of Abominations

"They're human.. but a bit 'extra', if you know what I mean." -- Nyx

Yesterday night passed with guards roaming the streets of Northminster, looking vengefully for those who killed four of their ranks. The group was confined in their safehouse, away from outside eyes, but their movements limited in daylight.

Kaspar‘s search for leads gave him a clue. However, the group’s lack of specific expertise drove him to contact for aid. While Vince is the brain of the group, and a capable one, he’s all about metals and machines. The contact, the Fiann said, has more knowledge regarding alchemy.

“Why do we need an alche.. oh, yes, we do need an alchemist,” Cielo grins, showing a rare interest in something that seems to be out of his reach.

Kaspar seems to read his thoughts. “She ain’t turning anything into gold.”

Adding to Cielo’s demise was Daisy, “Maybe she’ll turn you into a frog.”

It was while they were chatting that a knock came by the door. A feminine figure clad in leather and gas mask, one of her legs limp and aided with a cane, greeted Cielo who opened the door. Beatrix reminded the Windborn boy not to open doors to just about anyone, but Kaspar confirmed that she’s the contact they’ve been waiting for. She goes by the name Nyx.

As she seated herself, Kaspar slid her one part of the journal. She browsed through the pages, but didn’t find anything of utmost importance. Showing an article on the table, Beatrix said they’ve found Joseph’s patron: Sven Isbjorn, a Norsican noble. The same man was also known to have spent a fortune on looking for a particular formulae. Though her face was hidden behind the mask, it’s undoubted that she shows interest.

“Well that got my attention. You’ve got plan?”

Beatrix found out that one of the workshops that Sven is funding is located in a rather secluded area of Northminster. A bit too secluded, for a common clean business. Kaspar plans on investigating the site and retrieve any kind of proof that can lead be used to their leverage against the nobleman. And as always, nighttime’s best to do these kind of acts. Meanwhile, Vince preps equipment for the others.

Apparently though, Cielo’s lust for money has yet to recede. “So, I heard alchemists can turn things into gold..”

Vince shook his head at the Windborn’s gullibility. “If I tell you that you can squeeze gold out of rocks, you’d do it.”

The workshop was a large building sturdily made of bricks. Its door was made of tough reinforced steel which look like it can withstand a lot of punishment. But even such a door was no match for Daisy’s expertise. In only a few moments, the handle turns and the metal slab opens. Kaspar and Beatrix took their position outside, guarding if anyone’s coming in, while the rest of the group enters.

At first glance the workshop seemed like a common production place, until they saw tables with tubes and glass beakers. More like an alchemist’s lab than a workshop. Daisy heard people, around five of them, on the adjacent room and asked about what to do. Cielo, perhaps as expected, suggested to ‘take them out’. Daisy directed the rest to follow her know-hows on sneaking, and they caught the men in surprise.

It took barely half a minute, a gunshot, and a cinder bomb to reduce them to just one man left. Unfortunately for them though, he managed to take the moment to escape and call for help. Soon afterwards, heavy footsteps were heard echoing in the workshop.

The owners of those footsteps were men clad in leather, their faces hidden by gas masks connected to a container on their backs through a metal tube, wheezing the sound of gas. Among them was an alchemist, who seemed to control the bunch. Fight ensued, and the masked men proved to be resilient almost beyond human capabilities. At the end of it, Cielo and Vince were badly wounded.

Taking everything they can take, the group returns to the safehouse, with Kaspar and Beatrix concerned about the troubles they’ve stumbled themselves into.



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